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Verizon Program Guide Innacuracies

I've had Verizon FIOS service for a few months now and overall I'm quite pleased. The HD image quality is great and the internet speed is fast. At this point I will move into nitpicking and complain about the program guide. Overall I actually like the program guide. It displays more channel information on the screen and is more pleasing to my eye than others I have seen. My sole issue is with the display of a program's original air date. Granted, this is not a big deal, but for some reson I really like knowing what year a program I'm watching originally aired.

On cable, this information was always visible on the first line of the description. On FIOS, you need to hit at least two buttons to access the date. The bigger problem though is that the original air date shown is often grossly inaccurate. How do I know? Because it is often shown as being in the future. See the example below. The original air date of this episode was 5/17/1995, however the guide displays 9/19/2015. It looks like the guide particularly has problems with dates from the 1990s.


(Please don't hold the fact that this example is from an episode of 90210 against me. This screen shot is only used as an example) So how does one alert Verizon to this issue? I can see them telling me to "reset my set top box" to fix this or offer to send out a technician.